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I bought some makeup through top coupon code & then I picked sea foam green and purple.

Interesting... Very interesting... I saw this look on a mua on Myspace and wanted to try it on myself. It’s not working for me lol. I have some time this afternoon so I did this really quickly hence the little bit of unblendedness (it’s a word.) and no mascara. I don’t usually use all loose shadows so I got quite a bit in my eye lol. And I just noticed in the pics that my left brow looks wonky. Gotta fix that when I redo my face... Anyway........

I used

Mac studio tech foundation - nc15

Mac paint pot - bare study
Studio 15 pigment - (I forget.. It’s a lovely sea foam green though)
Nyx pearl eye-shadow - purple pearl (I broke it so it’s now loose!)
Mac eye-shadow - blance type
Mac eye-shadow - mystery
L’oreal liner intensifique - mica black

Smiths rosebud salve

Oh. I could did a better job. whatever! it’s just for fun =p.. now to wipe it off!
let’s see some more entries ladies!

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